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Off Road Tires If you’re already an avid off-roader, you probably already know the importance of having quality off-road tires on your vehicle when you’re traveling through rugged terrain. However, with so many choices on the market, it can be hard to choose which tires are right for your vehicle. Luckily, the tire experts at Revolution Off Roading are standing by to help you choose. When you come into our shop, one of our helpful associates will help you find the best off-road tires for your vehicle.

We Know What Questions to Ask

Not all off-roading tires are created equal. Some tires are best for racing through the desert, while others perform better in forested or mountain areas. It’s important that your vehicle is fitted with the right tires for the terrain you’ll be facing. At Revolution Off Roading, we know that the first step to helping you pick the perfect tires is getting to know what you plan to do with them. We always take the time to sit down with our customers and educate them about the pros and cons of our different off-roading tires. Picking the right tires for the job the first time around will save you time, money, and headache in the future. The last thing you want is to get caught out in the field with the wrong tires.

Is Bigger Always Better?

If you ask an avid off-roader, the answer is usually going to be yes! It’s true, bigger tires generally perform much better in an off-road situation. 4-wheel tires that are bigger in size help lift your vehicle off the ground, helping you navigate through branches, rocks, and any other debris you might encounter while you’re off-roading. Having the right size tires for your truck is important for the safety of your vehicle and your passengers. However, you can only go so big. Our tire professionals will help you determine how much tire your particular vehicle can handle.

The Right Tire for Every Driver

No matter what road your adventures will take you on, Revolution Off Roading has the perfect tires for the job. Our huge selection includes:

All-Season Tires

Although all-season tires aren’t a great option for off-roading, many adventure seekers still like to have their truck fitted with these for day to day activities. If you won’t be taking your vehicle off road most days, it’s best to invest in a good set of all-season tires for driving on more mild terrain. These tires are much more fuel-efficient for driving on paved streets and freeways. When the time comes for going off-road, you can switch to tires that are more appropriate for the job.

All Terrain & Extreme Terrain Tires

Whether you’re going on moderately rough terrain or braving extreme off-road conditions, Revolution Off Roading has the right tires for you. We’ll fit you with the best truck or Jeep tires to give you the optimum balance of grip and performance for your off-road adventures. Your One Stop Shop for Off Roading Equipment & Accessories Revolution Off Roading offers full-service vehicle repairs and upgrades. We also have a large selection of off-roading accessories to choose from. If you need to upgrade to new 4-wheel shocks, we can install the perfect shocks for your truck. We carry a large selection right in our shop including Bilstein shocks, and the latest coil over shocks on the market. Our team of highly trained mechanics can repair or replace anything on your off-roading vehicle including:
  • Ball Joints & Control Arms
  • Cool Air Intakes
  • Gears and Axles
  • Off Roading Suspensions
  • Mufflers

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